An Examination of the Kosovo Conflict

An Evaluation of the Kosovo Conflict

Kosovo Conflict


Background of Kosovo:

-The Balkans have been an extremely unstable region for more than 100 years. The reason for contention is as a result of ethnic origin and disputes which race owns which land.. That's the reason for the dispute over Kosovo is because of the ditto. This is an extremely complicated situation, that I don't genuinely know everything about. I simply sort of know the fundamentals. Back the 1500 hundreds, the Serbs conquered the Kosovo location, slowly and steadily over time the Ethnic Albanians started occupying the territory, until prior to the bombing began, Kosovo contains 90% Ethnic Albanians. Very well, the Serbs didn't such as this, especially Milosevic who's the ruler over Serbia. Since Kosovo has many traditional ties to the Serbs, and the Serbs conquered that territory back the 1500 hundreds, Milosevic wished to reclaim their rightful territory. And his solution to do that was through ethnic cleansing Kosovo.


-Milosevic has been doing this subtlety for a long time, and as of previous fall has increased his killing of ethnic Albainians. To date, nowadays there are 200,00 people dead because of this of Milosevic's ethnic cleaning. That's probably a very low shape. 100,000 Kosovar guys are now missing, that will be the reason behind the mass graves that contain been pictured. Nearly one half a million persons have already been expelled from their homes, many pressured out at gunpoint, as the Serbian troops destroyed their identification papers, making them struggling to return to


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