How to do development or argumentation Essay

In this article we review how to structure an essay, the characteristics that should contain the same, how to choose the topics and delimit them, and how to make an introduction attractive for readers. Well, it’s time to focus on how to do the development or argumentation of the essay now that we already have the necessary information on the subject we are going to talk about.

How to make the development or argumentation of my essay?

Thus, in our development we must present our arguments in a linear and logical way to support our hypothesis little by little. In this sense, before beginning the writing, it is good to make diagrams or synoptic tables in which we develop in broad strokes the content of our essay, including the arguments that we will use to support our writing in order to guide us and choose the optimal order To be treated.

Claudia Montoya also recommends us (in the article cited above) how to make the development or the argument that, at the time of writing, take into account the following points: combine old or known information with the new; Make sure that subjects and predicates are chained; Take care of the congruence of tenses; Not to subject the reader to an excess of new information, because we could saturate it; Not introduce abruptly and without contextualizing referents or new information, as our argument loses solidity; Use suitable binding particles for the cause and effect relationship; Avoiding lexical or grammatical ambiguities; And to suppress unnecessary repetitions of words, sentences, or particles of prayer.

It would be good to read a little about the syllogisms to learn a little better how to do the development or argumentation of our works, since they, despite belonging to the field of logic will help us much better understand the structure of the argument.

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