Essay on cyber crime

The spectacular development of computer technology has opened the doors to possibilities of delinquency. Fraudulent for-profit manipulation, destruction of programs or data and access to or misuse of information that may affect the privacy sphere are some of the procedures by which it is possible to obtain large economic benefits or cause significant damages Material or moral. Among the computer crimes to which we are all vulnerable are:
Computer Fraud

These behaviors consist of unlawful manipulation, through the creation of false data or the alteration of data or processes contained in computer systems, made for the purpose of obtaining undue profits.

Espionage: There are cases of unauthorized access to computer systems and interception of electronic mail from governmental entities, among other acts that could be classified as espionage if the final recipient of that information was a foreign government or organization, once again showing the vulnerability Of government security systems by specialized persons.

Terrorism: The presence of teams that conceal the identity of the sender, making the message anonymous, servers that offer free mail service allowing to enter personal data and fictitious addresses to create email accounts that later exploited terrorist groups or individuals to send threats, To issue slogans and illicit action plans.

Drug trafficking: Using encrypted messages to contact, the use of the network has been detected for the transmission of formulas for the manufacture of narcotic drugs, for money laundering and for the coordination of deliveries and collections. Like drug traffickers, there are arms dealers, satanic sects, among others, obtaining the same advantages they find on the Internet, used for the planning of the respective illicit that are moving from the conventional to the cyberspace or vice versa.

Diffusion of pornography: In most countries, as in ours, it is illegal to market child pornography or any act of child abuse.

Snuff: These are films that show violence and real murders.

Logical or chronological bombs: in this mode, the destructive activity of the program begins after a period, either by the mere passage of time (for example at two months or at a given date or time), or by the appearance of a determined Signal (which may appear or may not appear), such as the presence of a data, a code, or any command that, as determined by the programmer is identified by the program as the signal to start acting.

Computer sabotage

The term computer sabotage includes all those behaviors aimed at causing damage to the hardware or software of a system. The methods used to cause destruction in computer systems are of a very varied nature and have evolved towards techniques increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.

There are many computer crimes already generated and many are to come as technology evolves and the applications of the Internet develop, the important thing is to apply an individual security protocol with our personal services on the network, while nations Are becoming increasingly aware of the seriousness of the situation and begin to include this type of crime within their legislation, because to this type of fraud we are all vulnerable, but of which are not vulnerable to trial who perform it and which incognito Continue and remain connected to fraud.


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