Social networks are forms of social interaction defined as a dynamic exchange between people groups and institutions in complex contexts. The influence of Social Networks on adolescents is related to academic performance since it is a stage of their formation, in the present it is a question of finding the possible solutions so that the main motivation of the students is their education, which will allow a Academic performance optimum and stable.

It has been noticed the great influence of the social networks in the students in a very high level, this deprecate in the academic performance of these adolescents, they present the lack of motivation to study, to attend in classes, to carry out of their tasks, works Research, etc.

Education plays a very important role, and in this case you need the best students mainly from university studies to compete in it and get the best results. We are in a globalized world, where the best of each is expected. That is why as students we must manage our time to maintain a balance between study and recreation.

Influence of Social Networks on Adolescents

Having a social network or creating it on the internet begins by finding people with whom you share interests, concerns or needs, breaks the isolation that usually complains to most people, creating an emotional bond or business.

It is not a secret for anyone in recent years there is a great technological advance, as all things this has advantages and disadvantages, there are people who use this technology as a tool to alleviate their work, while there are others who use all tools and this accessibility Information in a negative and excessive way.

These technological tools provide us with automatic updates such as the freedom of addresses on each page. Profiles of friends that are always visible. Ability to create new links, through presentations and other online social connections.

So that’s how we got to the point where teenagers mostly misuse technology use it as a tool; But are lost in the world of the internet, something even more concrete in the world of social networks that today shows a wide range of them. The influence of not only social networks but also the internet within people is a serious case for today’s society. Networks are the way most teenagers interact at secondary level and university level where most of their free time or not, they pass in front of their computer. It not only influences academic performance but also personal and social interactions.

Most of the connection services provide children with resources such as encyclopedias, newsletters, access to libraries but now they are also on social networks, as they are the three most well-known and used that are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. They can use the computer to communicate with their friends and to play. The ability to go from side to side with a single click of the computer attracts you to impulsiveness, curiosity and the need for immediate gratification.

These networks began to emerge during the years 2001 and 2002 having a great impact on the adolescents of this time. Theoretically it serves to have an ongoing communication with their friends or even school aspects. A survey conducted by secondary school psychology students at the Universidad Camilla Jose Celia showed the following: “Almost 70% of students from 1 to 4 years of compulsory secondary education says using social networks. They knew these tools by friends or family and have between one and two years immersed in them, above all, to keep in touch are their friends. “This shows the great boom that the internet brings with it from an early age in children. Today is an important means for learning them.

On the other hand some of the positive values ​​of these networks are the capacity that is developed in the creative area, by the quantity of photos, videos, written etc. That a person comes to climb to that platform. It is a place where teenagers can have the freedom to express themselves without being judged by their physique and reflect a pleasant image and from which they feel in a way interesting to the other members of the network.

Social networks not only serve to communicate with friends can be used by companies that use technological advances as a means to be connected with their employees, as well as large institutions to perform work and studies.

When young people open their account in social networks, they usually start uploading photographs, sharing videos they like, telling experiences and so gradually they are acquiring more and more virtual friends.

A profile is by so-called virtual identity of the user, thanks to this, people can express themselves in an open way and shy people helps them to make friends, it is not really known that they catch the attention of these Networks, in each case can be different, in a person can be the communication with people who are far away and in other cases who seeks to talk with friends he has not seen in years, etc.

In conclusion, social networks are important, technological updating, in our life helps us improve communication by giving proper use meets the goal given. But it can also be dangerous when certain people use it to manipulate, blackmail, steal and kidnap. It can be harmful when it becomes a vice by being connected for a long time in front of the computer, creating affective deficiency family and friendship. Social networks depend on most of the criteria that each person has and the ability to be influenced or not by them. Because it is not really networking problem is how it is used.

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