How to write a marketing paper

Those perfect articles that you need to post on your blog or website (whether personal, business or activism) are actually always for the search engines and for the users that come to you through them, and other sites such as networks Social, but how to write them? It is precisely what we will write today

The first thing is to write original articles and of very good quality, of those that in truth are useful to the users of the site. The reason is that Google penalizes duplicate or plagiarized content, and every day has better ways to know if the content is quality, poorly worded or just plain chatter.

You can put information from other blogs, but only through links and textual quotes, but never copying that post to 100%. My recommendations that you are the most original possible, and that when you help from some source, then you give credit to recognize it.

Write Good Content on Your Website for Google and Customers.

We already know that we must focus on two goals: Google and our audience. In other words the work is a little more complex, but to facilitate the work of getting good content for your sites on the Internet we offer the following recommendations:

1- Write for your clients or visits

I already said in the previous post that we usually write for ourselves and that sometimes we compete for a phrase that no one searches for. Before writing an article investigate how many people are looking for that content online, this way you will be writing for a large audience and your time will not be lost.

2- Emphasize the quality of your articles

Never make the mistake of writing just to have something to publish, take your time to mature the idea, investigate a little, just write when you are inspired, and above all you have the domain of the subject.

If you really want to be taken into account as an expert, that your articles are recommended and even published on other websites, only give the best of you, write a perfect article or publish.

3- Use a good hook

Use a good headline, this should catch the reader’s attention. Do not forget to include the keywords that you want the readers to find you, at least those that are more important or relevant, put the main header, the sub header and the secondary as it is possible for the users to meet with them besides With the holder. I guarantee that your blog or website will be much more visible.


4- Density of keywords

Idea is 1 or 2 per 100 words and placed in a way that is consistent. It is important that the keywords are distributed in a way that both Google and the reader appreciate, and it is always advisable to use synonyms well distributed in the body of the publication.

Remember that it is good to have scattered within the post each and every one of the words of our owner, but not only for filling, is also to develop the subject and in this way to comply with what is promised in the title of said article.

5- Always look for the feedback of your readers

Show what your online networking skills are, invite them to comment on your article. Do not be afraid of comments, both positive and negative enrich our work, always respond to them (their questions and concerns). Participation is important, and if you can share the post on social networks, much better.

6 – Link your articles

If you write a post of great quality it is important to be able to link it with another that complements it, either inside the same web linking your own articles or including an external link. In order to give a better user experience and better position your post in Google, the anchor text is placed on the main keyword or on a very similar and convenient way at the end of the article.

7- Put a good image

A picture is worth a thousand words: Always illustrate your articles with pictures and videos. The visual content draws the attention of our readers. Maybe your article is not perfect, but it will look great with a good image.

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Your article will be perfect for your readers if they find what they are looking for and their need is satisfied, for your blog if you are attracted to the visits you pursue with and for Google if you position it. In the end we give you a total of 7 tips to be successful with content marketing; I hope you work well to achieve your goals as a blogger.

I know the theme is very nice “How to write perfect articles for a blog or website”. The idea was to help you write your own, and with your comments help me write an article, one much better than this.

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