Water cycle is an important part of every day of our lives. We feel it every single day of our lives. The current cycle is evaporation, condensation and three steps of rain. We must know the details of each phase of the wheel, how they affect the world.

There is no special order of water cycle. But there is a special order of evaporation. Water in evaporation turns into a gas form. Energy causes heat to break the bonds that hold the water molecules together. The evaporation process is the process of vapor. Evaporation is useful for the production of some consumer products. For example, seawater is kept in the tank for vaporization so that after the evaporation, salt and mineral products can be obtained.

Another phase of the water cycle is condensed. Which gas becomes liquid after evaporation. In this phase, heat is released. This causes the clouds to be created. When the atmosphere becomes evaporated, the clouds become a cloud to catch water. Cloud is the suspended droplets of water in the atmosphere near the ground level. If the cloud runs quickly then the weather will be good. This is the reason that condensation is experienced every day.

Rainfall is the last phase of the process of water cycle. This happens when rain is released from the clouds as ice, water drops and hail.

When the water becomes heavy in the cloud, then it returns back to Earth in the form of rain. Once the water reaches the earth, it becomes dry in the ground, and the groundwater becomes. Rain also feeds the oceans, the water falls in lakes and rivers and eventually flows into the oceans.

All this information is about each phase of water cycle. Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation occur every day, without water chuck, things that occur normally on a daily basis are not able to work. Water Cycle is very important for this world. It is impossible to live without it. Water Cycle plays a huge role in our lives. Water Cycle is very important for all living beings on earth. Life without it is impossible.